I want Komachi and Yukari to have a pillow fight

i’m really like SO sorry for not posting anything for like a month

i will try harder

~mod nue

gensokyo winter olympics and yamame wins the gold in skeleton

i wnat yukar to DESTORY denys

Anonymous whispered: I WANT MODS DICK

my dick

I need 4 Remilia 2 go on a hot date with Buffy the vampire slayer

I want yukari to burn all eggs

askbox closed.

you guys sure are fast!

~Mod Syo


i want flandre to fuck up hte heatlia until it is die

confession box is open! :D

~Mod Syo

Reisen up hell

i really want ko(machicken)

I want Yoshika to make Trash can music in Bosnia

I want Murasa to be the very best like no one ever was. With Chiyuri as Pikachu, Byakuren as Misty, and Yoshika as Brock.